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Wooden Windows, Conservatories & Orangeries

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Period Properties & Sash Windows

Specialist Wet Rot Repair

Exterior doors, Gates & Sheds

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Avoid replacing wooden windows or conservatories with expensive replacements

Restore them back to their former glory with expert repair work! 

Rotten or damaged timber?

Does not necessarily mean the end of your windows, doors or conservatories.  In a lot of cases, Jones Timbercare can repair and restore them. We can identify the cause of rot, such as perished or failing silicon sealant, leaking guttering, or simply poor paint protection.


To restore and repair your wood we utilise a variety of specialist treatments and approaches.  These can include excavation of wet rot, chemicals to harden the wood and kill the fungus, and heat treatment to  dry the wood. We can restore the areas utilising specialist epoxy fillers and on-site carpentry to replace sections such as new window sills, beading, framing, corner posts etc. 

We can also provide minor masonry repairs such as new masonry pointing around windows/ crumbling brickwork etc. These are particularly common in older houses. Crumbling brickwork around windows and doors can often cause moisture/damp getting into the wood.

Save money, time and hassle by not having to deal with multiple contractors. Jones Timbercare are and all-in-one solution. From carpentry and repair work to wet-rot treatment and expert finishing. 

We pride ourselves in delivering a complete restoration service.

The finished result leaves you with beautifully restored timber, ensuring future protection against the elements. All of this could enable you to make BIG savings on full replacements wherever possible.

Jones Timbercare take pride in delivering outstanding results 
and excellent customer service.

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